South Africa has a challenging telecommunication space of which wireless forms a key solution.

We are proud to announce our ability to provide wireless synchronous connectivity to the major metropolitan areas of South Africa including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

Our wireless solutions are built to provide top notch, fast and effective connectivity that is entirely non-reliant on the ADSL industry as a whole - it is therefore a perfect partner and alternative to ADSL from a fail-over perspective and our solutions can even replace dedicated infrastructure such as diginet etc.

Key features of our wireless service:

  • 4th Generation Wireless Network.
  • End-to-end VPN security on all customer connections.
  • Fully redundant wireless backbone rings with robust OSPF routing.
  • Provide Independent IP address space with redundant BGP routing.
  • Backbone, High-site and Access Point systems with 3 day battery backup and remote management features.
  • Custom developed Customer Premises Equipment(CPE) unit.
  • Last Mile bandwidth guarantees.
  • Automated routing, bandwidth profile management and reporting systems.
  • Realm based authentication model (similar to Radius).
  • Network provider is an ICASA license holder, both Individual ECS and ECNS.
  • Connections is fully synchronous - equal upload and download speeds - another key benefit compared to ADSL.

Please contact us for a free site survey to check coverage and availability in your area!


+27 21 949 1551
E support@ict-empire.com

2 Hildebrandt Street, Oakdale, Bellville Western Cape, 7530

After Hours

T +27 82 561 8217
E support@ict-empire.com


T +27 21 949 1551
E accounts@ict-empire.com

Please contact our office number for support in JHB, PTA, Durban and Bloemfontein


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